19 May 2017

Find all the KB's for Wannacry with PowerShell

I know this stuff is all over the place, but still could come in handy:

Check to see if the necessary Microsoft KB's are installed on your computer or server to protect you from "Wannacry":

#Current list of all the hotfixes from https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms17-010.aspx            
$hotfixes = "KB3205409", "KB3210720", "KB3210721", "KB3212646", "KB3213986", "KB4012212", "KB4012213", "KB4012214", "KB4012215", "KB4012216", "KB4012217", "KB4012218", "KB4012220", "KB4012598", "KB4012606", "KB4013198", "KB4013389", "KB4013429", "KB4015217", "KB4015438", "KB4015546", "KB4015547", "KB4015548", "KB4015549", "KB4015550", "KB4015551", "KB4015552", "KB4015553", "KB4015554", "KB4016635", "KB4019213", "KB4019214", "KB4019215", "KB4019216", "KB4019263", "KB4019264", "KB4019472", "KB4015221", "KB4019474", "KB4015219", "KB4019473"            
#Check the computer it's run on if any of the listed hotfixes are present            
$hotfix = Get-HotFix -ComputerName $env:computername | Where-Object {$hotfixes -contains $_.HotfixID} | Select-Object -property "HotFixID"            
#Confirms whether hotfix is found or not            
if (Get-HotFix | Where-Object {$hotfixes -contains $_.HotfixID})            
"Found HotFix: " + $hotfix.HotFixID            
} else {            
"Didn't Find HotFix"            

If you are running Windows 10 Creator Update (Winver: 1703) you are good to go, as this build is not affected by Wannacry.

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